Published May 24, 2023
Author: Ash Khan


Google Cloud has debuted its newest general-purpose virtual machine. It is geared for performance and houses some of the most advanced and powerful hardware available.

The 4th Generation Intel Xeon scalable CPU, also known as Sapphire Rapids. It is crucial to the C3 machine line and became available early this year after more than a year of delays.

The promise of a 25% average gain in price performance underpins the entire upgrade, with web-based apps like NGINX having the most noticeable effect.

Google Cloud C3 machine series is now available

C3 VMs are available with up to 176 vCPUs and DDR5 RAM, which promises to be 50% faster than DDR4. Customers will be able to choose the high CPU configuration, which boasts 2GB/vCPU at launch. Furthermore, the Standard (4GB/vCPU) and highmem (8GB/vCPU) will be available in the coming months.

Beyond that, up to 12TB of local SSD is expected shortly in the tech giant’s cloud storage online backup. However, users won’t have to wait for up to 200 Gbps low-latency networking. Which Google claims is twice as fast as the C2.

With the new Hyperdisk block storage for the C3, storage throughput and IOPS could be boosted by 4x and 10x, respectively.

C3 continues to raise the bar on seamless maintenance. It is leveraging a variety of technologies that allow Google to update software and firmware without disrupting customer workloads. Moreover, while keeping the infrastructure updated and secure. According to a Google blog post by the Director of Product Management at Google Compute Engine, and Foster Casterline, Product Manager at Google Compute Engine.

C3 VMs are now available in the following regions: us-central1 Iowa, us-east1 South Carolina, us-east4 North Virginia, Europe-west1 Belgium, Europe-west4 Netherlands, and Asia-southeast1 Singapore.

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